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The Battle of Waterloo was over. A bloody battle. A dirty battle. A shifting battle, where both sides gained and lost momentum and the result could have gone either way. By the end of the day on 18 June 1815, thousands of men lay dead, and when the smoke cleared, it was Napoleon Bonaparte looking out across the battlefield as victor. His army had defeated the Duke of Wellington’s British-led forces on one side and Field Marshal von Blücher’s Prussians on the other, dealing the allies of the Seventh Coalition a severe blow...

From his abdication

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With the King dead, England was declared a Commonwealth and Free-State, Cromwell became the first de facto leader of the Council of State – a period known as the Interregnum. The execution of Charles I was not the death of the royalist cause – suppor
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I enjoyed reading the essential guide to the World War II British home front (Christmas 2020). When I reached the section on the Blitz and saw the photograph of the ‘spotter’ my thoughts immediately went to the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) – my father-
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This compelling book from Mark Stoyle sheds new light on the story of a ‘dogwitch’ named Boy, the loyal companion of Charles I’s nephew, Prince Rupert of the Rhine, who was held to possess supernatural powers. Antonia Fraser explores the life and c