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It’s hard to imagine Rome as it began – a small town on the banks of the Tiber, at a best

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Did You Know?
As well as using sonic deception vehicles to blast misleading noises out loud, the Ghost Army also broadcasted spoof radio signals they knew the Germans would intercept – taking care to mimic the styles of real operators from other units. Some of the
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The Dig / on limited cinema release, then streaming on Netflix from Friday 29 January The discovery, in 1939, of a lavish Anglo-Saxon burial at Sutton Hoo remains one of the most extraordinary archaeological discoveries ever made in the UK. Here, in
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Five Curious Cures From Ancient Times
This remained a common treatment for many ailments right up until the 19th century. Ancient physicians used bloodletting to help the body get rid of whichever humour was deemed to be out of balance. Either a vein would be cut, or leeches used to suck