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NUTRITION ADVICE Common-sense ride fuelling


t’s common to head out for a ride with minimal food, salivating at the thought of getting home and hitting the fridge. The first issue

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Boardman Adv 8.8
The Boardman ADV 8.8 is the cheapest bike in this test, but we’ve often found that bikes from Boardman punch above their weight. Putting together a build to suit any budget requires trade-offs and at this price it takes attention to what makes a bike
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Mountains According to G
So you know all about Alpe d’Huez. Everyone does. It’s an icon, a target, a dream. It’s a t-shirt, a poster, a tattoo. You’ve followed the battles and counted the hairpins and maybe even been among the street-corner parties that watch it all go by. B
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Crash Dummy
A pattern is beginning to emerge. Both my visits to hospitals after falling off a bike have happened with a revealing simplicity of thought in the immediate aftermath of the Tour de France. Both incidents are differently embarrassing. The first crash