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Cast Iron Pots
“A cast iron pot is something we couldn’t live without in the kitchen. It’s strong, durable and very versatile. We use it to make all our soups, stews and curries, and it’s great for frying. Our grandmother was the first person to introduce us to it
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Cinnamon Rolls
MAKES 12 PREP 40 mins plus at least 2 hrs 30 mins resting and proving COOK 40 mins MORE EFFORT V For the best results we’ve used the freezer to chill the dough quickly. This makes it easier to roll and gives a neat spiral. We’ve kept the filling sim
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Cassie’s 7-day Meal Plan
Food director Cassie Best shares some of the recipes she’s excited to cook from this issue and on I find making a meal plan fun and cathartic. Knowing I’ve got some recipes up my sleeve for the week ahead brings a sense of calm and m