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Sowing carrots

hen my grown-up daughters were young they did not like carrots – until I acquired an allotment and grew my own. “But these aren’t carrots!”, they said, unable to believe that the sweet

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How To Use Clay Pebbles
1 WATER the flamingo flower thoroughly, so that water is running out of the bottom of the pot. Sit it in a sink to let excess water drain out. 2 PICK a cover pot 2-5cm taller than your plant pot and fill the bottom with clay balls or pebbles. Add wa
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Tales from Titchmarsh
It has not been a good year for statues. Some – commemorating individuals who profited from the abhorrent slave trade – have been unceremoniously removed. My feelings about such actions are in line with those of a woman I met 20 years ago in South Af
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Monty’s Guide To Sowing
Sow three seeds, spaced as far apart as possible, into each tall 7cm pot. If using deep modules, sow one seed in the centre. Press each seed gently into the surface with your finger, then cover with a light dusting of sieved compost. Firm the sur