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Types Of Meadows
Meadows come in many forms. Plantlife’s botanical specialist Dr Trevor Dines has divided them into six simple categories: Mainly found in warm, dry, lowland areas, often with sandy soils. Often found in the South Downs and home to a huge variety of
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Love And Loss In The Lakes
Writer/director Harry Macqueen is explaining the thought processes behind his new film Supernova. Its centrepiece is a road trip to the Lake District taken by a middle-aged couple: novelist Tusker, played by Stanley Tucci, and Colin Firth’s concert p
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The Seasonal Table: A Taste Of May
May is a wonderful time of new life and green growth. Blue tits are nesting in the old apple tree, clouds of cow parsley decorate the hedgerows, a bird box offers shelter to a tree bumblebee colony and fox cubs are gambolling about the gooseberry pat