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efore I raced my first triathlon, I trained in swimming, biking and running separately. I didn’t understand that triathlon is one discipline! I was shocked to swim in open

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220 Triathlon9 min letti
New- Season Race Prep
Well first up, an ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ race are all the same when the gun goes off – you go hard, you race hard, you stick to the plan you’ve worked out with your coach, mates or yourself, and if there’s no plan at all, still just go for it! The only real
220 Triathlon2 min letti
Does Warp Speed Equal Warped Sport?
When an electric bike first cruised past my weaving frame and heaving lungs on a slight incline, I still summoned the energy to call foul. When Zwift recruited an avatar army via computer simulation, I swore ‘not while there’s fresh air and sun on my
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Women’s Training
When training for triathlon, the focus is usually on speed, endurance, power output and other such performance-related goals. So much so that discussion about bone strength falls by the wayside, which is a mistake, as without it your body can’t be st