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Joe Skipper, 32, is one of the UK’s most popular triathletes. He started tri in 2010 for the social element and has since gone on to win multiple races, including Ironman UK in 2018, Ironman Florida in 2019 and Ironman New Zealand in March 2020.

He’s famous for his straight-talking, but what advice does Joe have for beginners to multisport and what did he wish he knew back in 2010? Here are his key tips for making your first triathlon(s) fun, successful and unforgettable experiences…


This is easy to get wrong and you don’t want to hit the wall on race day. It’s a long walk home! If you’re doing big training sessions or bike-to-run brick sessions (see the tri glossary on p18), you

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Tips For Triathletes
1 Be organised. Juggling many balls is easy to do badly; doing it well requires organisation. And consider your nutrition and fuelling, not just your training sessions. 2 Training and recovery are inseparable: you grow fitter when you are recovering
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The Rise Of The Middle: Just The Right Distance?
Ahead of the recent Ironman 70.3 St George race in Utah, I tweeted that any pro who couldn’t qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship should probably question why they’re a pro. It was part throwaway comment and part rooted in experience. I’v
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Key Beginner’s Sessions
Coach Joe Friel Benefits This session’s designed to boost your muscular endurance, which you’ll need to be your best on race day. Warm-up 5-10mins easy bike. Main set Bike for around 50-60mins including a 10km time-trial on a course similar to tha