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What is cosmology and when did it begin?

Cosmology is an ancient art. Physical cosmology is the theory and observation of the nature of the physical

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The Sky Guide
Catch a gorgeous waxing crescent Moon on 12 February Observe the Red Planet as it approaches the beautiful star cluster Spot the Moon’s clair-obscur effect known as the Jewelled Handle Astronomy expert Pete Lawrence is a skilled astro imager and a pr
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Sensor With A Sharp Memory
As CMOS technology progresses, we are starting to see cameras that can rival, and in some cases surpass the abilities of their CCD-sensor forerunners, especially as regards sensitivity. The Sony IMX428 sensor used in the ACIS 7.1 has a low dark curre
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Looking back: The Sky at Night
On the 7 February 1980 episode of The Sky at Night, Patrick Moore was joined by Saturn enthusiast and artist Paul Doherty, who often produced artwork for the show. The pair were taking a look at the ringed planet – or rather, the un-ringed planet, as