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Later this month stargazers are in for a treat, when two giants of the night sky, Saturn and Jupiter, both reach opposition within a week of each other.

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BBC Sky at Night3 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Boost The Contrast In Your Astrophotos
Astrophotography processing is about bringing out details by stretching data. This is achieved via two main editing functions: ‘Levels’ and ‘Curves’. Both are available in Adobe Photoshop and the free editing software GIMP, and it’s often necessary t
BBC Sky at Night1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Star Of The Month
Thuban, the alpha star of Draco, the Dragon, is perhaps a strange choice to carry this prime position title. It shines at mag. +3.7, making it a medium brightness star erring on the dimmer side. In terms of Draco, it’s easily outshone by some of the
BBC Sky at Night3 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Deep-sky Tour
Our first target is M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, a bright spiral galaxy located close to Alkaid (Eta (ε) Ursae Majoris) at the end of the Plough’s handle. The best way to locate it is to find mag. +1.8 Alkaid (Eta (η) Ursae Majoris) and mag. +4.7 24 Ca