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How do scientists think the Universe will end?

The theory most currently accepted is ‘heat death’. The Universe is expanding, galaxies are getting farther apart, so over

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Around The World In 108 MINUTES
1961. Less than four years after it had launched the satellite Sputnik, the Soviet Union was locked in a tense race with the US. The Soviets had bagged every major milestone to this point – first satellite, first living creature, first lunar impact –
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The Planets
Best time to see: 30 April, from 20 minutes after sunset Altitude: 3.5° (very low) Location: Aries Direction: West-northwest Features: Phase, subtle cloud shadings Recommended equipment: Binoculars Venus slowly re-emerges into the evening twilight du
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The ‘Message of the Month’ writer will receive a bundle of four top titles courtesy of astronomy publisher Philip’s: Ian Ridpath and Wil Tirion’s Star Chart, Robin Scagell’s Guide to the Northern Constellations, Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest’s 202