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Type: Crater with associated rille Size: 10km Longitude/Latitude: 6.3° E, 7.8° N Age: Between 3.2-3.9 billion years Best time to see: Five days after full 0oon (3-4 April) or six days after new 0oon (19-20 April) Minimum equipment: 100mm refractor Hy
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Until it arrived at Jezero crater, I hadn’t paid too much attention to Perseverance. Even if all goes well on this mission, successful sample return is a decade and several missions away, and – Ingenuity aside – it seemed close to a copy of Curiosity
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David Wills, Castillejar, Spain, 14-20 January 2021 David says: “This is a composite of two images, one for the nebula’s main part and one for core detail. I’m pleased as it wasn’t captured in the best conditions. I spent time gathering data with the