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Astronomy in times of crisis

In light of the COVID-19 lockdown we look back and see that many scientific advances have occurred during periods of hardship, at times of war or plague

The science of the stars is one of the great survivors in the COVID-19 emergency. People are facing real hardships,

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BBC Sky at Night1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Need To Know
Universal Time (UT) is the standard time used by astronomers around the world. British Summer Time (BST) is one hour ahead of UT These coordinates are the night sky’s equivalent of longitude and latitude, describing where an object is on the celestia
BBC Sky at Night3 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Giles Sparrow reveals the secrets of this intriguing stellar system in the Plough asterism Stars, like bobbies on the beat, have a tendency to come in pairs. Born in large clusters from collapsing clouds of interstellar gas, they’re gregarious by nat
BBC Sky at Night2 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Spacesuit Stargazing
Future amateur astronomers on Mars will have to be tough and resilient. They might not have to cope with the frustration of cloudy nights like their terrestrial counterparts but they will have other, greater, challenges. For a start, they will have t