Sleep is one of the most basic physiological responses in the animal world. Everyone knows that you cannot function for long when you are sleep deprived. Sleep can be regarded as the physiological equivalent to the reset button on your computer. When a computer crashes, the surest way to solve the problem is to reboot.

solve the problem is to reboot. It seems we modern-day humans have forgotten our intimate connection to sleep. We do everything we can to circumvent it. We stay up late into the night watching television and surfing the internet while feeding ourselves under artificial light. In the morning, we struggle to wake up using stimulants like coffee and sugar to jumpstart our bodies and allow us to function once again.

Like most things in the modern world, sleep is more of an annoyance than a critically essential process for optimal body function. It is not uncommon for people to brag; they only require a few hours of sleep. However, for them to stay functional, it requires large amounts of coffee along with sugar in the form of bagels, cookies, pastries, etc. It’s not uncommon for these sleep-deprived individuals to end up with other poor habits that tend to potentiate one another.

What these people fail to understand is the effect their lack of sleep has on their metabolisms. Weight issues are not hereditary defects, yet instead, one of a myriad of symptoms related to chronic sleep deprivation. Lifestyle choices like sleep have the power to alter the key hormones involved in metabolism. The loss of fat from the human body is a complex biochemical process that goes far beyond

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