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Without a doubt, the U.S. Mint’s “Fiasco Coin”: 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof silver Eagle should be the Coin of the Year! Steve McGowan Algonac, Mich. I would say 100 percent the 2019 gold Buffalo. It has a beautiful design and it’s gold. Name a
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Several weeks ago, the U.S. Mint announced it would issue a special U.S. silver Eagle proof coin to commemorate the end of the Second World War. Because I am enrolled as a customer to receive all silver Eagle proof coins automatically, I thought ther
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Moneyers Not ID’d on U.S. Coins
■ Has the United States ever identified a moneyer on our coins? The identity of the moneyer or mintmaster on a coin dates from the time of the ancient Greek city-states; however, the United States has never marked our coinage with some indication of