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Tuk-tuk to Timbuktu
Environmentally conscious campers the world over will be glad to know that they don’t have to resort to the gas-guzzling and ostentatious busses and trucks that others who claim to love nature drive to get to these beautiful spots. While most motorho
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Keep Those Tyres Where They Belong
Man and machine have been almost everywhere on Earth – and you know that wherever he went, he left tracks behind. This is why we cannot justify any new tracks through the veld when there’s already a road nearby. The term ‘off-road’ is misleading, bec
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Remote Control For Ewiks
The caravan-mover manufacturer Ewiks has just introduced a remote control that fits all its pre-fitted units – and it will work whether your mover was installed yesterday or 10 years ago, says Kyle Warburg of Ewik Enterprises. The device and its rece