Welcome to Viewfinder, new department focused entirely on the visual documentation of our travels. In coming issues we’ll be diving into a plethora of subjects ranging from the creation of compelling compositions and working with ambient light to techy stuff such as depth-of-field and capturing freeze-frame action. But for this first installment, we are going to discuss the basics. Which camera is best for you right now? If you are looking to up the ante of your game, grab a cuppa joe and hang on. We’re going to

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Altro da TREAD

TREAD5 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Vacation Rental
Let’s face it. The popularity of overlanding has exploded in recent years—even more so during the current global pandemic. People are itching to travel and escape. For those who want to avoid airlines and crowds, they may look to the open road to fin
TREAD5 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Proud Rhino Defender
While purists complain about the modern looks, creature comforts, and electronic nannies of the new Land Rover Defender, there is a shop in Buffalo, New York, working hard to unlock the off-road potential of this new machine. Lucky8 Off Road has not
TREAD4 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Plan For Its Purpose
Expedition travel is a different universe than weekend four-wheeling. When you’re just out for a few days near home—camping, challenging a few trails—breaking down is no more than an inconvenience. But if you’ve embarked on a long journey far from fa