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‘Pay attention to your gut brain connection. It may contribute to anxiety and digestion problems’. This quote is taken from an article in Harvard University’s Healthbeat publication.

It may sound strange to talk about a link between the gut and the brain, but when you look more closely, it makes sense. If you listen to the language we use, it already tells you of the very intimate connection between our thinking processes and our intestines: ‘I

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Women's Fitness1 min letti
The Warm-up
Warm up for the main workout by doing three sets of bodyweight squats. Stand with your feet just over hip distance apart, toes facing forward, knees soft and in line with your toes. Take a deep breath and squat, pushing your hips back as if you were
Women's Fitness1 min letti
Beginner’s Yoga Tip
When working on a new pose, build it from the ground upwards, checking your feet, knees, hips, spine, shoulders and head are correctly aligned. Known as ‘krama’, or wise progression, this will keep you safe and let you experience the full benefits of
Women's Fitness1 min letti
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