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How to judge the greatest Porsche 911 of all time? Is it by cost, performance, desirability? There are many ways you can decide which 911 is the ‘GOAT’ and, depending on

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Last month in Total 911 issue No.199, I discussed my experiences racing at the 1968 and 1969 24 Hours of Daytona. In 1969, I was officially a Works Porsche Driver. That year at Daytona, I partnered with Vic Elford in piloting a 908 LH (long-tail). Vi
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Stéphane Ortelli
After more than two decades of LMP prototypes racing at Le Mans, 2021 sees the introduction of the Le Mans hypercar class, reinstating a link from race cars back to highly exotic road cars that’s been absent since the GT1 era. And it just so happens
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Dear Sir, You might recall my dad, Adrian Gammon, had a letter published in your magazine earlier this year regarding wrapping cars versus painting them. Well, since that letter was published he bought a very early Speed yellow Boxster 3.2 S and a v