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Friday, September 25
A WOMAN FROM MY COMMUNITY is undergoing a serious health crisis. She fell for no apparent reason three times in a couple of months. The last fall broke her right wrist. As her wrist mended, her right hand turned limp and useless. Pain and swelling se
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Tuesday, September 8
I WAS IN A STORE looking at furniture when I was interrupted by a storm of profanity coming from an office near where I was standing. A man was yelling and cursing. A few minutes later he stepped out of the office into the showroom. Unaware that I ha
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Tuesday, September 22
FORGIVENESS IS A BEAUTIFUL THING. It restores relationships and makes things right. But in the real world? It’s hard. A few months ago a colleague did something that hurt me professionally. As far as I was concerned, she didn’t deserve my forgiveness