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Research gives you a shared language to refer to and helps inform design decisions throughout the creative process. Our clients on the video wanted an old-school block party music video feel, so we went back and

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3D World3 min lettiComputers
Is There A Way To Prevent Maya Crashing?
If nothing else, the release of Cyberpunk 2077 has opened the eyes of the world to just how frustrating software crashes are. You may have experienced it: you’ve spent the past hour doing reconnaissance on a factory before sneaking into it to steal s
3D World5 min letti
Challenges In Procedural Architecture
This is the first article focusing on ‘procedural cities’, in which we will dive into some of the general challenges of managing the creation of procedural architecture. There are multiple tools for the task out there, such as SideFX Houdini and ArcG
3D World10 min lettiDesign
The Fashion Show
Unless you’ve been holed up somewhere very, very remote, you’ll have noticed that the world is changing. Our ever-increasing awareness of environmental issues has put pressure on every industry to take steps towards sustainability and limit their pol