Plethora of advisers

In terms of access to all information, do we not live especially today in positively paradise conditions, at least in the more affluent, democratic societies? Huge and freely accessible libraries, bookstores, other information media and not least the Internet provide us in every aspect of life with a wealth of information. In all practical questions of life we have many thousands of advisers.

Also for emotional problems there are any number of advisers to deal with everyday issues such as disorderedness or poor time management. If the disarray is more profound, then there are self-help books with words of comfort and encouragement and bearing titles in the sense of: ‘I can do it’ or ‘You too are a valuable person.’ Added to which there is a flood of esoteric literature: ‘Discover the power within you’ or ‘Develop the wisdom of your divine nature’ – such instructions promote ‘very simple’ removal of inner obstacles to unfolding our often prescribed ‘divinity’. A very promising path – were it really to lead to the goal.

For those who prefer the traditional religious way, entire libraries of books on theology are available for the popular denominations, religions and religious movements. Thus comprehensively equipped, finding the meaning of life and the existence

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Paul Schmitt
A full-time clarinetist in an orchestra, Paul Schmitt’s lifelong quest to discover answers to seemingly unanswerable questions about human origin and existence, how the order of the world is organised, whether the cosmos arose by ‘chance’ or whether