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As COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives, so too does it continue to impact PC retailers, shops, and supply chains. At the beginning of last month, I placed an order at a large PC retailer. It was a couple thousand dollars worth of equipment for the company I work for. Nothing exotic or out

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APC5 min lettiComputers
How To Silence Your PC
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to spend a whole wallet full of cash to make your PC run silently with liquid cooling and big radiators – which is great, because with the human malware that is Covid-19 going around, chances are yo
APC3 min lettiComputers
The Nvidia RTX 30-series capacitor controversy
If you’ve been reading up on RTX 30-series cards, you may have come across some alarmist reports of crashes, usually in situations where the card is clocked above 2,000MHz. Some attribute this to poorly validated designs involving the choice of capac
APC9 min lettiInternet & Web
Browser wars 2020
We suspect most APC readers remember with bitterness and rolling of eyes the Browser Wars of the year 2000 (OK, perhaps it’s more like 1995, but we like round numbers). Back when websites were websites, adorned with user-unfriendly “Compatible with N