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Singapore Birds of Song
Most of us would remember a time when you could see groups of elderly gentlemen gathering at void decks with cages of birds twittering away. It was a common sight back then. While these birdmen have become a lesser force, the melodious chirping of bi
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Did You Know
• Bengals don’t really meow, in fact, they make more of barky sound, like that of a dog. Apart from that, they love to play fetching and be on a leash, virtually defying all characteristics of a cat.• The Bengal Cat’s name comes from the scientific n
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Keeping A Hamster: Top 8 Common Myths & Misconceptions
Hamsters are one of Singapore’s most neglected pet species. As they are inexpensive, they are often bought on impulse by owners who have not done adequate research or taken enough considerations on caring for a pet. This results in many hamsters bein