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Made with real chicken (human food grade), these high protein treats are suitable for dogs of all sizes. With none of the bad stuff (like added grain, corn, meat meal or artificial colouring), the treat contains no pork or lard too.

Ideal as a training tool or reward for your four-legged companion, it comes in a handy resealable pouch.

Available in 100g package at Pet Lovers Centre


Fish4Dogs has a new look to celebrate its ‘Champions of Fish’ credentials and make its extensive range easier to navigate for customers around the globe.

The Finest Complete range now features consistent and colour-coded packaging elements. The design features three dogs at various life-stages, sitting on a jetty overlooking the sea with key colours used to identify various recipes.

The premium material used in the new packaging serves to reflect the high quality of the product while its 1.5kg bags are 25% shorter to reduce packaging waste.

Available at: Pet Lovers Centre


Made with human food-grade fish, these high protein treats do away with the nasties like added grain, corn, meat meal or artificial colouring. It’s a healthier choice for all sizes of dogs.

There’s no pork or lard in the content and is great as a treat, reward or simply

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