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A burgerwell done



• 600g lean ground beef1 tsp chopped onion1 tsp chopped red bell pepper1 tsp chopped green bell pepper½ tsp chopped parsleyJuice of ½ lemon Salt and pepper

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Welcome to Men’s Fitness Sevki, we’re really happy to have you. For those that may not already know you, could you tell us a bit more about yourself and what your fitness journey has been like up to this point? I was born in Turkey in 1969 and during
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Step Right Up
Your mom’s antiquated spring-loaded home scale isn’t the most accurate or best way to measure progress. If you like the way your body looks, but the scale flashes a higher number than expected, it can seriously mess with your head. That said, mining
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Gym Equipment Is Filthy, Wipe It Down
Billions of gym-loving germs agree: Dettol is a real killer. RESEARCH SHOWS that the levels of bacteria on most gym equipment could put a gas station bathroom to shame. One recent study found treadmills to be 74 times filthier than a water fountain,