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Hungarian Vizslas are persuasive animals. There used to be one at a local pub of ours who would lean against people at the bar and gently nudge them towards the jar of doggie treats. It worked for him, and

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Motor Boat & Yachting2 min letti
Riva 88 Folgore
Riva’s new flagship Sportfly, the 88 Folgore, is named after the Italian word for lightning. It’s not quite as fast as a thunderbolt but a top speed of 39 knots is still mighty impressive even with a pair of 2,638hp MTU 16Vs to punt it along. Extensi
Motor Boat & Yachting2 min letti
Comitti Isola 33
Comitti’s Breva 35, which graced the cover of the February edition of MBY, might be the boat you buy with your heart, but this Isola (“island” in Italian) is the one you buy with your head. Its centre console, walkaround design make it suitable for a
Motor Boat & Yachting1 min letti
De Antonio D50 Open
You may be thinking this is just another T-top sportscruiser to offer up some competition to the Fjords, Pardos and Solarises of this world, but you would be wrong. Yes, like these rivals, it has walkaround decks and a cockpit that carefully balances