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A Star Is Fawn
This rare Javan Chevrotain – also known as a mouse deer – has just been born at Marwell Zoo. The tiny youngster is one of the smallest hoofed animals in the world, and was brought into the world by parents Gus and Gwen at the zoo’s Energy for Life:
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An old book Pencil Plain coaster Mod Podge glue Scissors 1. Find a part of the book you like, place it on a coaster you want to decorate and draw around it. 2. Cut carefully along the line you drew. 3. Cover the coaster and the back of
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Your Dilemmas
A friend and I fell out last year after a huge argument where she said some unforgivable things and betrayed my trust. She’s come to me saying she’s changed and wants to be mates again. Can people really change? Shall I give her a chance? Lisa, Oxfor