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Pick Me Up! QUIZ
1 What was the first film to be released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? a The Incredible Hulk b Iron Man c Thor 2 In 2020, what 90s supernatural drama box set was made available on streaming service All 4? a Angel b Charmed c Bu
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Who runs THE WORLD
Watching as my six-month-old baby slept peacefully, I was in total awe. Noticing my mobile buzzing beside me, my partner’s mum was ringing. Answering the call, I never could have prepared myself for the words I was about to hear. ‘He’s gone,’ she wep
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The circle OF LIFE
Crying with happiness, my dad Dave, then 74, enveloped me in a hug. ‘Congratulations, love!’ he beamed. ‘Another baby in the family,’ my mum Sue, 68, joined in. It was December 2018 and we were celebrating the news of my first pregnancy. My partner J