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ost rangefinders tend to be much of a muchness – point them at your target and press a button, and they tell you how far away it is. The Rapier Ballistic Rangefinder from MTC will do this job really well, measuring

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Clash Of The Titans
I seem to have been talking a lot about scopes recently. Having described the choices I have made for my own shooting and given readers some thoughts regarding what I consider to be good value optics, I have once again jumped in and purchased yet ano
Airgun Shooter6 min letti
A Classic Remastered
British gunmaker BSA has a talent for striking a very happy balance between classic looks and precision performance when it comes to airgun design, so it’s always exciting when this industry giant comes out with something new. Its latest release is a
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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
The last time that I visited my local airgun range a fellow shooter commented on the fact that I was shooting off split sticks. He told me he’d never seen anyone else at the range using sticks; when I thought about it, neither had I. As this particul