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Why do a lot of people suddenly seem to dislike Ellen DeGeneres? Her past life persona is 15th century Spanish Queen Isabella of Castile,

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Chat It's Fate14 min letti
You’re the Tinkerbell of the zodiac! Like a ray of sunshine, you bring a lightness to life. You’re all about the fun of life, chatting, socialising and laughing. Friends adore your wit and wisdom. You’re razor-sharp, but you’re more interested in dis
Chat It's Fate4 min letti
You’re The Man
• Learn about father deities and archetypes • Draw on paternal power to feel safe and protected • Celebrate your own dad with an energetic exchange! Father’s Day falls on 20 June, and as usual, our thoughts turn to daddy dearest! Always there, alway
Chat It's Fate2 min letti
The Mummy’s Curse
A hush fell on the assembled crowd as the archeologist, Howard Carter, drilled a small hole in the stone doorway and placed a candle inside. ‘Can you see anything?’ his patron, Lord Carnarvon, asked. ‘Yes,’ Carter replied in utter delight. ‘Wonderful