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Dawn Neesom Mind Of My Own
It’s impossible to keep up with Katie Price’s love life. Just when you thought Katie Price was past her sell-by date, she bounces back like, er, two silicone-filled boobies overdosed on energy drinks. Not content with announcing her engagement to f
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Week In Showbiz
Catching up with pal Amanda Holden recently, I asked the telly favourite if she ever had any regrets in her life. ‘Regrets don’t work, as Robbie Williams said,’ she tells me. ‘I’m still learning, and I would say more and more I care less about what p
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Trapped in Her Own Body
Waving to my daughter down the corridor, she gave me a cheery smile. It was 2014 and Babs,  then 29, was a teaching assistant in the primary school where I worked as a cook – the same school she’d attended as a child. She was fabulous with the kids a