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Sew Many Tips
I like to keep a little sewing log. These can be purchased at discount stores. After each project is finished, I jot it down. At the end of the year, it’s nice to see how prolific and creative I’ve been, and it also ensures that I don’t make duplicat
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From The Staff
If you’re like us, you love inspecting the gorgeous quilts in shows and competitions.We’re initially drawn to the overall design, the colors, and the shapes. But we know quiltmakers often add a little something extra—like texture—to make their design
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8-at-a-Time Triangle-Squares
1. On wrong side of lighter square, mark diagonal line from corner to corner. This will be your cutting line. Mark sewing lines ¼" away from each side of cutting line. Repeat for opposite diagonal. 2. Place marked square on top of darker square, ri