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When the Shoe Fits

ALKING INTO A SHOEMAKER’S WORKSHOP, THE first thing you notice is the smell – the heavy scents of leather, polish, and dust. Looking around, you see tools – the hammers and awls and pincers and finishing irons and razor-sharp knives. Most likely there is a wall on which countless spools of colorful thread hang, and close by is a sewing machine or three. On a table beside a low workbench are jars and bowls filled

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Makers Mia Loves
“One of the beautiful things about being an artist is having friends who are also makers,” says Wright-Ross. Below are some of the artists whose company – and wearables – she’s happy to keep. L’Enchanteur ( Twin designers Soull and Dy
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Contemporary Craft
8405 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19118 (Historic Chestnut Hill)(215) 247-1603 8972 First St. Baroda, MI 49101 (269) 983-7404 619 Grand Ave. St. Paul, MN 55102 (651) 312-1122 251 N. Heml
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WHEN WE WANT TO WRAP A present in a beautiful way, we can seek out special boxes, fine wrapping papers, and choice ribbons from craftspeople – or we can make them ourselves. But why do we wrap gifts at all? What’s the reason for the box and paper and