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We’re Challenging The STATUS QUO
Leoni Dawson is a forest community ranger in Gloucestershire. You could say that I walked into my job with Forestry England – I was out one day with my dogs in the forest I now work in, when I literally spotted an advertisement on a noticeboard. I a
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How Mindfulness Can Help
When noise is inescapable, meditation can help reduce the stress it causes. ‘Face your palms of your hands, with tips of your fingers touching together,’ says hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank ( ‘Focus on the feeling of the touch. Slow your
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Downton’s Back!
Four years after its final episode was shown on ITV on Christmas Day 2015, the world went mad when Julian Fellowes’ much-loved period drama Downton Abbey hit the silver screen. The entire cast has since been inundated with questions about a sequel