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I was born in the mid-’80s, so most of my childhood was spent in the ’90s, a time in which I remember a distinct uncoolness surrounding anything to do with second-hand items or thriftiness. I certainly remember the feeling that if your parents bought a second-hand car, you were not worth speaking to in the playground.

Thankfully, due to what can only be miraculous intervention, times have turned around. Second-hand items are now trendy and are labelled vintage for extra appeal. ‘Recycle’, ‘upcycle’, ‘reuse’ and ‘reduce’ are all buzz words most of us now use every day. With a keener interest in the natural environment and the challenges our planet currently faces, the vast majority of us are looking at ways to reduce our impact and ‘up’ our frugality.

Some weeks my vegetable patch, fridge and store cupboard work in streamlined partnership, producing delicious meals

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Christmas Crackers
■ CARROT ‘AUTUMN KING’: This intensely orange maincrop carrot will happily sit out winter in the ground but stores well on lifting too. Kings Seeds ■ PARSNIP ‘ALBION F1’: Great resistance to parsnip canker disease and broad, sweet roots that have ear
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What’s New?
New to the Dobies’ Rob Smith Range is ‘Green Fingers’, a snackable cucumber which will produce high yields of smooth, dark green and spineless 10cm (4in) long fruits. This is predominantly a female flowering variety that can be grown outside or in a
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It’s Crunch Time!
This underrated veg is so versatile that it really is a must-have for any plot. The crunchy texture of fresh sticks offers a great contrast to the soft leaves of lettuce and other salads, and is also great for dipping or loading with delicious soft c