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The new EcoGro range aims to ensure the long-term health of both plants and soil. It is made using by-products from anaerobic digesters that create renewable energy on the company’s farms in Cumbria, which are concentrated to create nutrient-rich pla
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More Than Just A Pot
If you’re wanting more than just a pot that serves its basic purpose, there are lots of options (too many to cover in a short space) and ones that will span a whole range of budgets. Whether it’s for indoor use – herbs, for example – or for fruit and
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Fritter Recipe
I want to finish by offering you my fritter recipe, which Iuse every year. It makes 8-10 fritters or pancakes, depending on how big you make them. ■ 300g/10½oz sweetcorn (small tin)■ A handful of washed garlic mustard leaves■ 2 free-range eggs■ 100ml