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se the opportunity when you buy something to talk to your child about the meaning and value of money. You can make him understand that you have income and expenses and that your money is limited. In this way he can learn the difference between stuff that’s necessary (fixed expenses) and stuff he’d like to have. Explain to him what it means when something is cheap or expensive and why you prefer a certain product above another. By showing him two of the same items that have

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Your Pregnancy4 min letti
KNOW YOUR breasts
Breast health is something you should aim to stay aware of throughout your life, not just during October when it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a new mom it can be easy to neglect the all-important self-checks as you are so focused on your baby
Your Pregnancy4 min letti
FAQs ON breastfeeding
Q I’ve heard breastfeeding hurts. Does it? A If your baby is positioned correctly and latched deeply onto the breast, breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt. Expect some discomfort in the first week or two, though, especially at the beginning of feeds. Try u
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Permanently Stuffy
MARIA ASCENCAO CHAIRPERSON OF THE HEALTH PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA Q Since having my pregnancy confirmed a few weeks ago, I’ve been plagued by sinusitis. It is so bad that I struggle to sleep as I’m so bunged up. Ifeel as though my imm