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Zach Montellaro

y focus has shifted. The election is still incredibly important, but right now I’m focusing people will vote by mail, it’s —and then how prepared the states are. In America, there’s no federalized election system. There are fifty-one different ways people vote. Every state and DC is different. And some states will be better prepared than others.

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A Time of Opportunity
IN THE SUMMER OF 2015, as Donald Trump began his campaign for the presidency, a bacterium was spreading in New York City. Twelve people had become sick earlier in the year; by August, the outbreak had reached more than a hundred and twenty. A dozen i
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End Note
Some political acts take place in public, others in private. The former—protests, speeches, social media posts—are readily accessible for journalists to cover. The latter can be harder to see, especially when people are sheltering in place. Who, by t
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Unmasking Certainty
IN EARLY MARCH I was wondering, as many people were, if I should get a face mask. I remember standing in my kitchen watching cable news when a medical expert declared that there was little evidence a mask could prevent our catching COVID-19, the dise