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n recognition of His Holiness’s 85th birthday, we’re re-releasing our special Collector’s Edition publication, . (Previously planned for release in May, it was postponed due to editor-in-chief Melvin McLeod’s exclusive interview with the Dalai Lama; reflections on his impact from Pico Iyer, Daniel Goleman, Dianne Feinstein, and more; and—of course–teachings by His Holiness himself. Look for it on newsstands now or order directly from .

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Lion's Roar10 min letti
CALM In The Midst Of CHAOS
HOW DO WE NAVIGATE the overall unruliness of life, so filled as it is with urgencies—tasks left undone, friends who need help, health problems, financial pressures, family crises, community crises, world crises? How do we sustain ourselves, our sanit
Lion's Roar5 min letti
What Does It Mean To Be Free?
WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE FREE? I found myself returning again and again to this question while reading two books out this fall. One is about and one is by Jarvis Jay Masters, a death row inmate who found his path to freedom through Buddhist practice.
Lion's Roar8 min letti
Teachings From The Mindfulness Experts
VEN. BHIKKHU BODHI unpacks the Buddha’s original mindfulness manual. THE BUDDHA’S MOST DETAILED teaching on the practice of mindfulness is found in the famed Satipatthana Sutta, “The Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness.” The Buddha opens this