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She’s kept quiet for years about her personal affairs, but now a defiant Britney Spears is preparing to have her day in court. After requesting her hearing be “expedited”, the pop star, 39, will appear on the stand for the first time to give testimon
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Popstars powerhouse Christabel ‘BEING WEIRD CAN BE GOOD!’
Growing up, Popstars contestant Christabel Williams knew she was different from other children. “I was the weird kid,” the 20-year-old Aucklander tells Woman’s Day. “I didn’t fit in and I was often away in my own la-la land, so my mum used to call me
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Ask Mitchell
Q I am still grieving for my father and constantly looking for signs from him. Is he around me or does he leave me things as a sign? I love and miss him. Wendy MITCHELL SAYS Your father says he loves you and is watching over you. He tells me he has