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It’s amazing how time flies these days. Nearly a year has passed since giving any thought to our crossbow, to say nothing of putting our hands on it, and once again deer season is just around the corner.

Today’s high-end crossbows are the finest ever built, but by their inherent design, all crossbows incorporate moving parts and components that over time wear down due to stress and usage. Strings and cables stretch, trigger housing gets dirty, scopes accidently and unknowingly get bumped, and nuts and bolts loosen — all of which can affect reliability and accuracy, but even more importantly, make a crossbow less safe to shoot.

With this in mind, here are a few important things to get ready for deer season.


Before doing anything, make sure the crossbow is clean. Exterior stock and rail dust that may have collected during storage since last hunting season can be wiped away with a soft, damp (not wet) cotton cloth

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