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Twice As Nice
THE 100-yard double borders at Thenford have the characteristics of a carefully prepared concept from an original idea. Certainly, there would have been much to be said for such a professional approach. Fortunately, for those of us who are amateurs,
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Six Weeks Of Non-stop Flowers
I LOVE cistus. I know that sounds like one of those graffiti declarations you see on walls, but it’s true. I associate them, above all, with Mediterranean gardens and Mediterranean travels. One year in May, I drove through Portugal’s Alentejo, an emp
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Miss Emily Pearson
Emily is engaged to Jack Abbot and they will be married at St George’s Church, Langham, Dorset, next week. The founder of online vintage shop Debbie Digs Dallas, she also works for beauty subscription service Birchbox. Emily is the daughter of David