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11 classic games that deserve a Final Fantasy VII-style remake

Forget remasters. Gone are the days where developers could stretch new textures over old games and call it a day. These days it’s all about remakes, raiding the late ‘90s and early ‘00s for games that need more than just a new coat of paint.

Resident Evil 2 set the bar pretty damn high, allowing old fans to relive a beloved game the way they remembered it, while also creating a thoroughly modern horror game for newcomers. It’s not on PC (yet), but by all accounts Square’s Final Fantasy VII Remake ( does the same. Activision created slightly more faithful remakes with Spyro ( and Crash Bandicoot (, and is doing the same with the upcoming Tony Hawk 1+2. The Black Mesa Project ( injected new life into Half-Life. 2K’s releasing a Mafia remake this summer.

Who’s next? What other games should get the Resident Evil 2 treatment? We’ve put together a list – not just games that deserve a remake, not just games that would benefit from a remake, but

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