ords have mystical power in Jay Posey’s space opera (out now, Harper Voyager). Set in a future where mankind has mastered the Deep Language of the (Black Swan, 23 July). When an economist dies in a car crash before he can present his solution, a witness vows to find out why. Described as “ meets ”, Alexis Henderson’s (Bantam Press, 23 July) centres on a woman in a puritanical society who finds her dead mother’s diary and starts to question the teachings of the Prophet. Professional wizard Harry Dresden is back in (16 July, Orbit), book 16 of Jim Butcher’s series. When the world’s supernatural powers meet for a pow-wow, Harry joins the security team to ensure the talks remain civil. Fat chance. Megan E O’Keefe’s returns with (30 July, Orbit). We liked predecessor , especially badass protagonist Sanda. In book two she must discover the secret of coordinates hidden in her skull – before someone kills her for it. Finally, Raymond E Feist’s – centred on the last remaining member of a ruling family with dangerous magical powers – has a book two, (out now, Harper Voyager). Our reviewer didn’t love book one, skewering its “average prose, outdated plot and poor treatment of female characters”.

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RELEASED OUT NOW! 240 minutes | Vinyl/CD/download Publisher Big Finish AUDIO DRAMA One of classic Who’s more soap opera moments comes when Sara Kingdom reveals that (spoilers!) Bret Vyon is her brother during 1966’s “The Daleks’ Master Plan”. If you
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Step Back In Time
Which of your TV episodes are you most proud of? I’m equally proud of all 13 episodes. What’s your favourite scene/moment from your episodes? The scenes I performed with Richard Wilson, a person, actor and director for whom I have huge respect. What’
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The Other History Of The DC Universe
RELEASED OUT NOW! Publisher DC/Black Label Writer John Ridley Artists Giussepi Camuncoli, Andrea Cucchi ISSUES 1-3 This five-issue miniseries looks at the long and peculiar history of the DC universe from the perspective of some of its more marginali