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So, Who Is Ogri?
Ogri’s beginnings are rightly obscured in the mists of time (but let’s aim for around 1967…), Allegedly, a mix of the name of our patron Saint George and Loki the norse God of chaos, it sounds a likely mix. Looking at our Ogri tells you all you need
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min letti
All Points Bulletin!
It would be entirely reasonable in 2020 to state that modern micro-electronics are now so reliable that the longstanding set up of points and condensers are officially old hat. If you can fit a 21st century ignition system to an old motorcycle you wi
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min letti
Suzuki Gsr600
Suzuki often set the bar high for cheap and cheerful naked roadsters: think the mid-1990s and the Bandit 600, which was later joined by the V-twin SV650. You’d think that would have been enough, but they muddied the waters still further in the nought