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W hen it comes to creating a high-quality, luxurious kitchen space, the choice of countertop is important. Whether you opt for natural stone, porcelain, acrylic resin or laminate, your choice of countertop should be one you’ll be happy to live with, and that will live with you, for years to come.


Luxury as a concept has always been tricky to universally define, but as we adjust to life post COVID-19, it seems luxury will always include the concepts of high-quality materials with everyday practicality. As Caesarstone’s Megan Noel explains, “Gone are the days of luxury being directly linked to opulence. When asked, we’re sure that many will say time is the ultimate luxury, and others will all agree after spending so much more time at home post COVID-19 that a comfortable and functional home is what they view as

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Vee Hatendi
Vee Hatendi’s love for interior design and styling started at a very young age. “I would watch my mother work with different fabrics and textures and put together the most amazing creations like curtains, scatter cushions and bed covers. It was then
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Waygard Drift Security’s Top Tips For House Robbery Prevention
• Do not leave doors open, especially if they are visible from outside the property. • Don’t assume that you’re safer in the daytime. Even though most house robberies take place at night, criminals can target you at any time. • Do check your windows,
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Water-wise BATHROOMS
Saving water should always be top of mind in a water-scarce country, and the best place to start is in your home. In this feature we look at the bathroom, and offer you a guide to choosing eco-friendly products. The V&A Warndon bath is inspired by t