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Dr Sarah Brewer is Medical Director of Healthspan and the author of CBD: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness.

Delicate matter

Q I know my 11-year-old daughter needs to lose weight but I don’t want to upset her by mentioning it. What shall I

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The Truth
As my little boy crawled his way across the carpet, I couldn’t help but smile. ‘Well done,’ I cooed, scooping him into my arms. Macauley was six-months-old and had just started crawling. But as he started to be on the move, I noticed something strang
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Life On Mars
Transport yourself to another planet! Booking.com have shared with us, in celebration of the touchdown of NASA's Perseverance Rover, the most red and remarkably like Mars landscapes on Earth. The vast, surreal crimson landscapes of Wadi Rum is a onc
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Sniffing Out Cancer
Dogs can be trained to be extremely accurate in detecting prostate cancer in urine samples. Researchers are studying dogs and finding new ways to detect aggressive prostate cancer themselves, as using dogs on a large scale isn't practical. They hope