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WATCH: Poems from Quarantine with Tommy Pico, Karla Brundage, and More

Poets Tommy Pico, Karla Brundage, Nazelah Jamison, Danielle Lisa Bero and Preeti Vangani read poems about their experiences in the pandemic during Shuffle Collective’s 2020 Weekend of Words Literary Festival.


Tommy Pico is an award-winning indigenous writer and poet whose work has been widely acclaimed including winning the 2018 American Book Award.

Karla Brundage is a Bay Area poet, activist, and educator with a passion for social justice. She is the founder of West Oakland to West Africa Poetry Exchange.

Preeti Vangani is an Indian poet and writer. She is an assistant editor at Glass Poetry and her poems have been published in Juked, The Knickknackery, Public Pool, Lines+Stars and The Bombay Review among other journals.

Nazelah Jamison is a performance poet, actor, vocalist, and emcee. She is an East Coast transplant, former organizer of the Oakland Poetry Slam, and sometimes reluctant superhero.

Danielle Bero is a poet born in Queens. She has won slam competitions at Nuyorican’s Poets Café, Bowery Poetry Club and Ubud Writers festival.


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