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hange each group of 10 words below into a “family” of different words (words or proper

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Games World of Puzzles1 min letti
Boxing Match
The object of this solitaire challenge is to guess a word before making six incorrect guesses, as in a familiar childhood game. To begin, choose any letter of the alphabet that you think might appear in word I below. Suppose you pick E. Go to the Let
Games World of Puzzles1 min letti
Split Decisions®
The only clues in this crossword are the letter pairs provided in the grid. Each answer across and down consists of two words that share the letters you’ll enter in the empty squares. In the example below, S, E, and W fill the empty squares to make S
Games World of Puzzles1 min letti
Quote Boxes
To solve Quote Boxes, drop the letters from each vertical column—not necessarily in the order in which they appear—into the empty squares below them to spell a quotation reading from left to right, line by line. Words may continue from one line to th