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How To Make Your Own Almond Milk:
To make 2 cups of almond milk, cover 100 g almonds with water and chill overnight. Drain the almonds and place in a blender with 2 cups water, a pinch of salt, 1/2 t caster sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract (optional). Blend well, then pour th
Woolworths TASTE1 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Trend: Nuts
Whether your go-to nut dish is tihove, tiger nut milk, or a peanut butter sandwich, we reckon we’ll all be eating more nuts in 2021. After all, they’re our favourite form of affordable plant-based protein. ■
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Balancing Act
January. New beginnings. Yes, again. A few years ago I said that I would not end a year being heavier than I was the year before. Obviously I had no intention of withering away year by year. As if. But it was my way of keeping myself on track so that